Friday, November 21, 2014

Finished House

6 months late but here are the pictures from closing day. I was so thrilled to get the official key's to the house. I have had the builders key the whole time but it's still special when they hand you your key's.

The only thing left to be done after closing was the master bath baseboard. We has a problem with the cabinets hitting the 5" baseboard, it was all fixed with in a week after.

The room with all the shelving is my HUGE pantry.
We had the container store come in and do pantry and all the closets.
I can't help but love my white kitchen.

We had a great experience with Ryan Homes. 
A HUGE Thank You to Amber Wilcox and Mike Winn!

6 Months later..... Continued

Trying to spread out all these pictures is a lot of work. I had to down load them for fear of losing my phone. 3000+ pictures, that took a while.

Another reason Ryan Homes/ Mike Winn is awesome, on the left you can see my roman shower first with no door, then in the next pic they put on "this thing" a framed door. Not what they had in the model home, the 3rd pic. See a nice framless door, this one had bronze hinges and handle. Mike sees this and 48hrs later we have the final pic. Apparently these things are like $2K, we got it for free.
Top Left: My Master Bath Cabinets.
This was something custom that I requested since the one in the model had a weird seat cabinet, instead I got a 6 drawer cabinet for all my stuff.
Top Right: Clay's Master Cabinet
Bottom Left: Guest Cabinet
Bottom Right: Parents Master Bath Cabinet
 Oopsie #3 wrong cabinet above stove should have been glass front. They reordered and had it installed but it took a while.
 LOVE LOVE LOVE my kitchen!
 My mom checking out her kitchen in her apartment.
Counter tops! and Flooring!
Love the stone fireplace. Mike Bumped out the wall and added the trim at the top to make it look better.

This was 3 weeks before closing, they moved very fast over the next 3 weeks to meet the closing date. 

6 Months later...

We have been in the house 6 months and I finally unpacked the last box. YAY ME! Truthfully there is a storage closet in the basement with box's still in it, but they probably will never be unpacked just moved from house to house.

Here we go LOTS of pictures.
 Top: Kitchen 
Bottom Left:  Morning Room 
Bottom Right: Family Room

 Top Left & Top Center: Clay's office
Top Right: Lainabugs Room
Bottom Left: Guest Room
Bottom Center & Bottom Right : Lainabugs Bathroom
Parents basement Apartment 
Top Left: My Parent's Bedroom
Top Right: Parents Master Bath
Center Left: Living Room
Center Right: Kitchen
Bottom Left: Exercise Room
Bottom Right: Half Bath
 Top Left: Morning Room
Top Right: Family Room
Center Right: Master Bedroom
Bottom Left: Family Room
Bottom Right: Dining Room
 I think you can figure these pic's out.
 Woohoo Drywall!

 The back yard turned out ok, We ended up redoing it 3 months later.

 Tile arrived and installed in  24hrs
I was so giddy that our cabinets arrived.

This is the before and after of the Oopsie they made, Kinda looked like the roof on the window was smiling at us. and the cuts into the side board were rough. found out it was the wrong roof and was meant for brick and in 36 hrs they had it changed.

Another Oopsie occurred while we were at the beach, the deck people shorted us 3 feet on the deck and if it wasn't so obvious I wouldn't have had it fixed. They had to take down the whole thing and start over. I felt bad for them but Mike our Ryan home guy was like "we are fixing this now", he was awesome to work with!

More pic's coming....

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff

There is just something about Doctor Who, I'm not sure what it is. Doctor Who was meant to be a kids show in the 60's on the BBC. It ended in 1989 but was brought back to life in 2005. I love Dr Who but I just can't get into the older shows. My hubby introduced me to this show in 2011 and I was hooked. My first Dr was Christopher Eccleston. Eccleston was a good introduction to the show but he only lasted one season. Then came David Tennant, Oh how I love Tennant. The Tennant and Rose story made this show for me. I had never seen him in anything else but now if I know a show has him in it I have to see it. The Decoy Bride is one of my favorite movies. He had a long run on Doctor Who and I thought how could the show go one with out him. Then Matt Smith won me over in his first episode with his fish fingers and custard goofiness.  Matt is Lainabugs first Dr. She loves Matt Smith and who wouldn't with is bow tie and suspenders. Matt is gone and we now have Peter Capaldi. Still haven't made up my mind about him, he hasn't won me over with the first episode like Smith did. Although I'm sure I'll end up saying how much I miss Capaldi when his run is done. 

So in honor of season 8 I had a little Dr Who party. 

Cassandra cookies

I found some Jammie Dodgers at World Market. and glasses and bow ties at Target I thought would make a great tribute to Tennant and Smith and placed them on the marshmallow adipose
We served Bow Tie pasta, Lainabugs favorite. I couldn't resist making the crack in the wall. This was so much fun to put together. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Out of the mouth of babes.

Wow the weekend went fast. Monday has come and gone and lainabugs has gone back to school, so now I have time to blog yay!

 This month has been busy with lots of fun stuff like the campaign work with I have learned that lainabugs is not shy at the door at all. She will interrupt me because she is too excited to tell them the site has stuff for kids and how much she love the lessons from Caleb. Sunday morning we were out in service (yes I have a Saturday morning meeting and Sunday service group) and another sister was telling me about her boys, one is very out going and the other is not. Now I am very much an introvert, Clay is to but not any where near as bad as me. Some how I gave birth to little miss social, the things that come out of her mouth can be very embarrassing and it's not like she say's things here and there.... she talks non stop, no joke people it's NON STOP. In the car it can be a bit much so we play the quiet game. So back to Sunday service, my little miss social took over for me at the door more then once, her excitement for the new site was beaming on her face and out it popped of her mouth "I just love this super special site, you have to look at the caleb video's!" then she started stumbling over her words with a lot of umms and directions on what color tabs have the songs and what color tabs have the movies. If I hadn't had chimed in this would have gone on for 30 min. But her enthusiasm for this is just too cute and I'm sure as lainabugs would say "this makes Jehovah's heart happy". It was a such a nice day to be out and we did find some friendly people along with a friendly feline.

  Lainabugs wanted to take the kitty home so bad.

Lainabugs was soooo excited about school this year. She's in Lower El  (first grade) and she gets to go on the big kid play ground this year and well that is just about the coolest thing for a 6 year old. We met her teacher at the open house and she seemed very nice. This is very important since she has this teacher for the next 3 years, we are so hopping for a good year. Lainabugs had a good first day according to herself, although I did find out from my mom as I was writing this blog this morning that after lainabugs gave her teacher and the teachers assistant the school brochure she sang them "listen obey and be blessed" I have no idea how that went over because she doesn't know all the words to it and I'm sure she improvised half of them. I'm guessing the only words they could make out was "listen obey and be blessed". Well it must have gone over well I guess because we got a e-mail from her last night. We are so excited that this teacher is comfortable with using a computer (she has a couple of blogs she writes) and makes the time to put our minds at ease.  

Lainabugs had a great first day! During our morning meeting she tried to tell us she was shy, but certainly made a few friends and forgot all about that as the day went on! She was even playing football with the boys during recess (go girl!). Towards the end of the afternoon she began some jaguar research and I was so impressed with her independence in reading and writing. I'm very grateful to have her in our class!

Looking forward to a great year,

 Yay! I love to get notes like this. I'm sure lainabugs will have a bad day, but who doesn't every once in a while. 

Here is some of her cute first day of 1st grade pics. Enjoy!


Friday, August 22, 2014

3 Day's till school.

I've been mia since we got our closing date. Between the final stages of the house being completed, Our trip to Atlanta to do the annual  mud run, work stuff, and lainabugs being out for the summer, there has been no time to blog. So here are some of the post waiting to be written.

Our new house! I have a bunch of pictures from the construction.

Our trip to Atlanta.

Our last minute trip to the beach.

Lainabugs last day's of kindergarten.

Random summer fun.

and our trip to Hawaii.

With Lainabugs starting 1st grade in 3 day's I hope to have time to write some more posts. Right now we are preparing for Dr Who to come back tomorrow. We are making some whovian treats to enjoy along with some fun outfits. I will have some pictures to share and I hope to even get one of Clay in a fez.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Clearing out the backyard

I stopped by the lot today, but that's no surprise. What was a surprise was to see a huge machine clearing out the trees. 

Now if you have ever been to my house (old house) my yard was my biggest disappointment with that house. We went with a builder K. Hovnanian, and that house fit us as a couple. As we grew it didn't work any more. The one thing that never worked was the back yard.

The pictures don't do it justice it was much worse, if you were to stand at the back fence your head would be flush with the bottom of our house. I asked the old builder to back fill and they assured us they would...they didn't and then said they wouldn't. Then told us if we were to do it ourselves later that it would void the warranty of the water drainage on our lot. So we had to live with a 45deg angle on 80% of our lot. 

Since we bought a basement lot with our new house I knew there was going to be some sort of slope.  I had mentioned to Ryan Homes that they yard was a big deal and needed to be graded correctly. They said they would clear it out 20ft back and we did walk the lot but the brush was so thick and until the house was marked really had no way of seeing what 20 ft really looked like. As you might have read in this past post Big Hole. We ended up agreeing to pay $1700 to take down another 10 feet. Yes this sounds like a lot of money but to get trees removed including the stumps and roots can cost upwards of $1000 per tree. Well we got our money's worth and then some today.

I think they cleared like 30+ feet. They are not finished grading it yet but I hope they can back fill a bit of the back corner, if not I will be doing it later to heck with voiding warranties. I will be planting some more trees but some nice cherry trees not the big nasty pines that they took down.

 Morning Room


Family Room 


Parents Living Room 

Dining Room 

Family Room 


Looks like they are finishing up the drywall. Also they finished up the hard board. The parts that are not done yet are going to be covered with stone.

I just love the shutters.